The vision of Manhattan Beach Music Coalition is for every student in Manhattan Beach Unified School District at all grade levels to be able to avail themselves of meaningful and high quality, core curricular music education that is an integral part of their school day, regardless of ability level or socioeconomic circumstances. Guided by the belief  that a robust music program designed to enhance intellectual development, provide enriching and joyful learning experiences, and foster social and emotional wellness benefits all students, we aspire to protect the structures necessary for that learning to occur. In so doing, we endeavor to create an atmosphere where students can explore their own creativity and personal expression, and preserve the fundamental role of music in our lives: to connect us to ourselves, to each other, and to our humanity.


The mission of Manhattan Beach Music Coalition is to support the Music Program in Manhattan Beach public schools, and to create pathways for the secure expansion of the program so that it both aligns with best practices, and fulfills its promise of providing an exceptional music education to every student. Our goals are to:

  • Support music faculty and staff, music parents, and music students
  • Provide enriching experiences that explore the intersection of music education and the larger role of music in the world
  • Create a student-centered framework specifically designed to set students up for success as they seek out musical experiences and pursue their own self-defined heights of creative musical expression
  • Engage with those who make decisions affecting the music program, and advocate on behalf of its unique needs to assure long-term sustainability
  • Preserve a robust, K-12 music program that vests every student with a lifelong sense of music appreciation, is a cornerstone of the Manhattan Beach schools, is an abiding source of community pride.