We are pleased to offer a variety of giving tiers for those interested in becoming a Music Patron.

Why Become a MBMC Music Patron?

To Support Music Classes Happening Now

To Fund our Events and Programs

To Ensure the Future of the Music Program

  • We Support music faculty and staff, parents, and students
  • We’re Working to preserve a robust, K-12 music program that vests every student with a lifelong love of music
  • Our Goal is to ensure that each student has the opportunity to avail themselves of a quality music education as part of their school day
  • We Provide enriching events that bring the world of music to students and families.
  • We Create opportunities for students to reach the heights of their personal musical expression.
  • We Engage with those who make decisions affecting the music program, and advocate on behalf of its unique needs to assure long-term sustainability.
  • We Believe excellent music education is a cornerstone of our public schools, and is an abiding source of community pride.

Music Patron Giving Levels

To become a Music Patron, download and complete this Donor form:

The Coalition has applied for 501(c)(3) status. If our application is approved, all donations will be retroactively tax deductible. If our application is not approved, donations would not be tax deductible. If you have any questions please email us at MBMusicCoalition@gmail.com.