Welcome parents! As we work to build out this brand new parent resource center, please know that you can email us any time at MBMusicCoalition@gmail.com. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

Coming soon… We will be posting FAQ’s soon about the different programs at each school level, but in the meantime please visit MBMusicProgram.org for a general overview of the music program at each level. The website ManhattanBeachMusic.org also has a wealth of information about the programs in MBUSD.

Welcome to the Instrument Marketplace! If you have a gently used instrument that needs a good home, or are looking to purchase an instrument and would like information to assist you, we are here to help! Email Janet at MBMusicCoalition@gmail.com, with the details of what you are looking to buy or sell. 

Coming soon… Visit this space for “how to” videos on tuning, getting your students to practice, private teachers, etc.

If there is a particular issue that has come up in your home that you’d like help with, please email us at MBMusicCoalition@gmail.com and we will find the resources, help or information you need. 

We aim to provide parent mentoring, connection, and info on practical matters such as concert clothes, etc.


Hear Andrea Custer chat on the Jason for MBUSD podcast about the role music education plays in our schools, and how it is a positive, long lasting effect on many levels for students. Listen now: iTunes | Spotify